​If you wish to get in contact to discuss potential ​future projects, please do so via:

Email: chris.roberts@realitylies.co.uk
​Phone: +44 (0)7815 579 950


​​Chris is a great PD. He always has a comprehensive grasp of the story, gets compelling interviews and illustrates them with beautifully crafted drama. He's hardworking, a great team player and always open to better ideas wherever they come from. And he's a laugh - all in all a joy to work with.

David McNab - Executive Producer

Chris is a natural story teller. He shows an intuitive understanding of narrative structure and flow - along with an eye for the cinematic. He has proved to be highly capable at both casting and steering actor's performances. Practical, passionate and energetic, he is determined to always raise the bar with each film he directs. He's also got a great sense of humour and very much a team player - would very happily recommend working with him!

Patrick Dickinson - Series Producer

I've worked with Chris on several projects and he's always proved to be a pleasure to work with - hard working, creative, forward thinking and calm under pressure. He has a talent for getting the best out of those he works with - and works wonders with any budget constraints to maximise it on screen - producing great films as a result.

Kieran Parker - Line Producer

Chris ... worked for me on a WWII drama doc series and it was an absolute pleasure to have him on the team. Having worked with him as an editor I knew he was already very able at story telling, pacing, music, visual style and the technical side of production. The unknown for me at the start was how he'd cope with all that stuff an editor doesn't have to deal with - research, fact checking, schedules, shoots, scripting... but Chris has excelled in it all.

Ashley Morris, Series Producer