The film features a cast of two fantastic actors, Wole Sawyerr and Samantha Spurgin. Wole has recently finished a successful theatre run as Odysseus in The Odyssey at The Derby Theatre which he can add to his growing list of classical and tragic theatre. Samantha also has received rave reviews, with experience across all mediums of theatre, TV and feature films.


Enemy Within

(Dir. Chris Roberts)

Short realist drama film. Dur: 11min 12 sec

A man's struggle to control his personality threatens those around him and himself. A realist drama which covers issues of anger, depression and social awkwardness that spiral into a self-destructive affliction. The film challenges our preconceptions as it explores a character who may be on the edge of committing a heinous act.

The Production Team includes the following talents...​

Chris Roberts

Writing and directing this project helps cement the transition from successful film editor to a drama director. Continuing a particular interest in realist and socially-reflective fiction, the next projects currently in development are a gritty science-fiction TV drama series and a feature-film.

Sashi Kissoon

The beautiful cinematography was filmed by the very talented rising star, Sashi Kissoon. He has a string of award-winning short films under his belt, followed by the recent success of the independent feature film "Stalled".

Birger Claussen

And the beautiful, tense score was composed by the brilliant Birger Claussen, who has worked on various films, TV dramas and drama-documentaries.

Although too many to credit here, there were countless others who patiently and generously helped at the various stages from scripting through to filming and post-production. Their help, feedback and encouragement was truly priceless and without them this film would not have been the success that it is. Full credits can be found here: