- Masters in Science Media Production – Imperial College, University  of London

- Physics BSc – Imperial College, University of London (First Class Honours)

Chris Roberts' IMDb Link, covering both editing and recent directing:

EDITING CV - Chris Roberts

Personal Awards

- Association of British Science Writers £10,000 award for Science Communication

- Won Highly Commended for Best Editing at the Asian TV Awards for "Man Made Marvel: Beijing Airport"

Results List:

Chris Roberts' work as a Producer and Director builds on from his career as a very experienced, award-winning Editor.


This background has allowed him to become very efficient on set. He understands how to shoot cinematically and how to craft powerful, engaging narratives. This feeds from a wide experience of different genres of drama and documentary.

In addition to his full-length programmes, Chris also cut numerous short films, promos and trailers.



MICRO MONSTERS 3D with David Attenborough - Sky 3D – Co-edited (Prod. Sias Wilson)
David Attenborough explores the ingenious, beautiful and gruesome evolution of bugs with pioneering 3D technology, delivering astonishing views of this microscopic world. 30 min episodes - Delivered Episodes 1 and 2 to Picture Lock. Also edited the series’ International Reversions (3x 1hr)

​--- BAFTA nominated for Best Visual and Graphic Effects for the pioneering macro 3D ---

1-hour drama-doc charting the rise and fall of those surrounding Henry VIII – from Wolsey and Cromwell to his lover Anne Boleyn. This was broadcast in the US to tie in with the screening of the acclaimed BBC “Wolf Hall” drama series.

ANIMAL BLACK OPS: Battle for Garamba – Animal Planet (Dir. Ashley Morris)
1-hour drama-doc revealing the slaughter of elephants in Garamba by Joseph Kony’s vicious Lord’s Resistance Army. It tells the story of how the Park Rangers fought and lost lives in the on-going war against the ivory trade. Their sacrifice successfully severed a major supply route and in so doing crushed a major funding source for Kony’s terrorism. 

ANIMAL BLACK OPS: Gabon Connection – Animal Planet (Dir. Ashley Morris)
1-hour drama-doc unmasking a worldwide criminal underworld stretching from a heavily armed camp deep in Gabon all the way to Hong Kong and the US. When Customs stumble upon the biggest ever ivory seizure, they uncover a vicious supply chain, leading to the dramatic arrest of New York ivory kingpin, Victor Gordon.

Beautiful documentary with Monty Don exploring the history of British Gardens and how it reflects the changes of society throughout the last 4 centuries. (Edited Ep’s 1, 2 & 4) (3x 1 hr)

ENEMY WITHIN – Reality Lies (Dir. Chris Roberts)

Drama. Gritty, character-driven short about a co-worker with sinister intentions towards his female colleague. More information here

SMILE – Virgin Media Shorts (Dir. Chris Roberts)
Drama. Quirky, light-hearted short film, looking at a rather unusual way of beating the blues.
--- Received rave reviews and one of the most watched on the Virgin Media Shorts website. Viewable on this site's homepage ---

AISHA AND NADEEM - Red Earth and Pouring Rain Productions (Dir. Kothai Kanthan)
Drama. A moving 20 minute drama based on the true story of a girl whose brother was incarcerated in Guantánamo Bay. It examines racial identity in a post-9/11 world and the impacts of the war on terror
--- Screened at the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, a nominating festival to the Oscars and BAFTAs. Also Runner-up at the Satyajit Ray Foundation Short Film Awards ---
Beautiful drama-doc - exploring the truth behind Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's relationship and what drove him to commit the first ever beheading of an English Queen. Edited Episode 2
THE RIVALS – Reality Lies (Dir. Chris Roberts)
Light period drama - Portion from The Rivals play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 
1 hour documentary - charting the hurried construction of Beijing Airport’s Terminal 3 – an engineering marvel which now stands as the biggest man-made structure in the World
--- Won Highly Commended for Best Editing category at the Asian TV Awards ---

WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE (WORLDWIDE) - BBC (Dir. Diana Hill / Laura Mulholland / Ben Wilson)
(Episodes: Stardust, Falling and Destiny)
Documentary. 3x 1 hour Worldwide reversions of the populist Brian Cox series - exploring the fantastic truths behind some of the most fundamental areas of science – from the birth of the universe, through it’s evolution, to the creation of all life. And we reveal what wonders lie in store as the universe rolls far into the future

PROOF – Annabel Topham & Co. (Dir. Annabel Topham)
Drama. An adaption of part of the screenplay Proof by David Auburn and Rebecca Miller – a gripping drama about a woman struggling with mental illness

FATHER FIGURE – Reality Lies (Dir. Chris Roberts)
Drama. Serious 10 minute film. In the aftermath of a friend's death, Steve makes a horrendous find. He uncovers a dark conspiracy and the heinous truth about those he thought he could trust

Drama-doc following the life of Robert Baudy, one of the best animal trainers in the world. It traces his obsession with animals - from the roots in his abusive childhood that drove him to staggering achievements, to the consequence of several savage attacks - and ultimately one man’s death
TIME SCANNERS – National Geographic (Dir. Jay Taylor)
1 hour science-documentary. Dallas Campbell investigates two of the most ambitious engineering projects ever made – those constructed in Israel by Herod the Great – a man who not only constructed a palace on a mountain, but made the mountain underneath it!
THE YEAR BRITAIN FLOODED – Channel 4 – Co-edited (Dir. Phil Stein)
1-hour documentary. Fast turnaround science doc revealing the dramatic impact of the floods in Britain and investigating the claim that flooding is due to sky-rocket over the next few decades
INSIDE OUT – BBC (Dir. Sankha Guha, James Cameron, Andy Richards)
Prime-time current affairs programme. Edited various reports including an exclusive on Romanian gypsies after the community was branded with accusations of child trafficking

I HEART CHAIR – Garden Films (Dir. George Ravenscroft) Drama. A sweet, quirky tale of a girl whose rather unusual deformity casts an ever-growing shadow over her life – until she meets another who is similarly afflicted 
ROWING THE PACIFIC – Discovery (Dir. Liz Tucker)
Obs-doc following the extraordinary feat of two men who were the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 23 foot rowing boat - nearly dying in the attempt
Drama-doc examining the tragic death of Brian West, one of the youngest, most knowledgeable herpetologists on the American West Coast. He collected the most dangerous snakes in the world - but unknowingly was developing a lethal allergy. In contrast , the eccentric Rex Louis deliberately injects the same snakes’ deadly venom in the dangerous belief that it may actually save his life
DISASTERS AT SEA: WHY SHIPS SINK – Channel 4 / Nova -Co-edited (Dir. Jonathan Challis) 
Documentary - Fast turnaround 1 hour science / obs-doc questioning how 100 years after Titanic sank, it is still possible for
catastrophes like the sinking of Costa Concordia. It is claimed that rather than technology enabling our safety, our overly-ambitious engineering has led to dangerously vast cruise ships and the same hubris that underlay the Titanic disaster still threatens us
HAYLEY: WORLD’S OLDEST TEENAGER – Channel 5 (Dir. Nicki Stoker)
Obs-doc. Born with the very rare ageing disease Progeria, Hayley Okimes is trapped in the body of an 105 year old. Drug trials offer the hope of a longer life, but come with a cost. While she is living longer, her body’s decaying around her, destroying the quality of her life that remains

EASY HOURS – Garden Films (Dir. George Ravenscroft)
Drama. A 2-minute CGI short film revealing a rather unusual happening in the local newsagent

THE DA VINCI SHROUD – Channel 5 / Discovery (Dir. Chris Holt)
1 hour drama-documentary - Critically acclaimed. The Shroud of Turin was believed by millions to be the death shroud of Jesus Christ - until carbon dating proved it to be fake. Now evidence suggests it could have been a fantastic fraud leading all the way to the top of the Church... and created by one of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci
DIGGING FOR BRITAIN: Pre-History – BBC (Dir. Serena Davies)
1 hour documentary - in which Dr Alice Roberts delves into our ancient past and discovers the first ever humans to occupy Britain – thousands of years earlier than anyone thought possible
THE BIBLE: A HISTORY - THE LAW OF MOSES – Channel 4 (Dir. Ruairi Fallon)
1 hour documentary - Critically acclaimed. Love her or hate her, Ann Widdecombe battles with secularists like Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens to try to put her religious morality back on the map
FOURDOCS - Channel 4 (Dir. Russell Stopford)
BAFTA-winning new-media platform for promoting, educating and broadcasting documentary-making by the general public – member of the original editing team
--- Won BAFTA Award (for Interactive Innovation) and the Peabody Award ---
BIOLOGY OF DADS – BBC (Dir. Gabriella Polletta)
1 hour documentary. Amazing discoveries of how a father’s body changes to control his behaviour once his baby is born and how  they
influence their child’s development – and not just psychologically. The father can even determines how fast the child’s body ages, hits puberty and who they’ll marry
FRIED STRING HOPPERS - Red Earth and Pouring Rain Productions (Dir. Kothai Kanthan)
30 minute drama. Based on the true story of an asylum seeker facing deportation after fleeing to here from a country ravaged
by war. A strong, realist drama which gives an emotional insight into the ever present debate on immigration and asylum
THE REAL GOLDFINGER – Channel 5 / Discovery (Dir. Nicki Stoker)
Drama-documentary - 30 minute light-hearted film charting the beginnings of the World’s first counter-espionage network, MI5. Recently declassified documents reveal a fantastic plot by the Germans, on the eve of the First World War, to blow up the Bank of England’s gold reserves.
WHISTLEBLOWER: BANKS – BBC (Dir. Callum Macrae) – co-edited
1 hour undercover, obs-doc exploring dramatic fraud, corruption and miss-selling of bank accounts 
CATASTROPHE: SNOWBALL EARTH – Channel 4 (Dir. Tom Stubberfield)
1 hour documentary investigating how the ancient Earth suffered a catastrophic freezing which nearly wiped out all early life. Miraculously, that disaster may have triggered the leap in evolution to human and animal life
1 hour drama-documentary. In their war against the Muslims, the Crusaders built a super-fortress at Jacob’s Ford, which should
have been impenetrable. And yet it fell within days. Now evidence is unearthed which reveals why - and explains how it led to a major success in the Jihad
30 minute drama-documentary. Dan Cruickshank presents the story of a visionary pharaoh who tried to launch a staggering revolution in ancient Egypt - and paid a startling price for his failure
1 hour documentary. A fascinating and moving program which asks challenging questions about Hitler's staggering popularity in the 1930s, in Germany and beyond
G. F. WATTS - BBC (Dir. Helen Nixon)
30 minute moving documentary about the now little-known Victorian painter - his lost celebrity, his family’s tragic death, his tortured life, and his heroic attempts to champion the poor

NAKED SCIENCE: SATURN’S SECRETS – National Geographic (Dir. Alex Hearle)
1 hour documentary. NASA’s latest mission to Saturn may help to unravel the beginning of life on Earth. The probe has discovered liquid water and organic molecules on one of Saturn’s moons – the ingredients for life. Primitive life may have once formed there – and if so, could still exist, deep under the crust
BURN UP – MFS (Dir. Natasha Betteridge)
Drama. Realist 10 minute film about a frustrated office romance. A sweet observation of human behaviour, which explores how people are imprisoned by their fears
THE WONDERING JEW – Anki Films (Dir. Magnus Aronson) – co-edited
Drama. Mystical and quirky 10 minute film about an eternal man, trapped in a fruitless pursuit of the bloodline of his long dead lover
EXCESS BAGGAGE – Blind Little Pig (Dir. Rob Cade)
Drama. Quirky 10 minute film about a girl whose emotional ‘baggage’ takes the form of a handbag with a life of its own. It threatens to destroy her love-life until she meets a man with his own baggage
SUPERSAVERS – BBC (Dir. Tilly Hawkins)
30 minute current affairs documentary - looking from wacky to respected ways of beating the recession and making money against the odds
1 hour documentary. Black holes are the ultimate destructive phenomenon of our Universe. And inside this incredible world may lay the key to the biggest mystery of all – the birth of the universe. Could the Big Bang in fact be an explosion of the biggest ever black hole? 
GLOBAL WARNING – History Channel (Dir. Alex Hearle)
Feature Length (2 hour) documentary - investigating the wildly swinging climate of the past with startling possibilities for our future. Might an alarming discovery of methane pockets mean we’ve drastically underestimated global warming? And can the past teach us how to predict - and control - the future?
WAR ROOM - Magic Lantern (Dir. Russell Stopford)
10 minute drama - set in the future with a corporation battling to maintain its dominance. Based primarily in their futuristic 'war room' from where they monitor the outside world – Compositing
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE - BBC (Dir. Patrick Dickinson)
Part of the prime-time observational documentary series following celebrities as they undergo the enlightening and harrowing
process of tracing their family tree - Offline / Online editor for the studio interviews (First series)
OIL SWEAT & RIGS - Discovery (Dir. Chris Webster)
1 hour observational documentary - following the highly dangerous work of oil riggers in the Gulf Coast, racing to repair the off-shore
rigs after they were devastated by the hurricanes Rita and Katrina
WHAT THE ANCIENTS DID FOR US – BBC (Dir. Will Aslett / Liz Tucker / Jane Cameron / Kate Rea / Monika Kupper / Naomi Austin) (Episodes: Islamic World, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese)
3 x 1hr; 4x 30min - Prime-time history/science documentary series where Adam Hart Davies builds and tests the amazing innovations of the ancient empires
FORESIGHT – Stoic (Dir. Philip Lunn)
10 minute drama. Light hearted story of an inventor with an uncanny knack of predicting the future