A viral video has also been produced to accompany the main film, which is a infomercial by the fictional Neo Social Party - this is the future extremist group which rises to power to eventually govern the United Kingdom. This viral is already completed and can be seen via the video link...

Reality Lies was set up by me, Chris Roberts, as my production arm for drama. I come from an established background as a broadcast editor and have now moved to writing and directing drama and drama-docs. A small sample of my previous projects is noted below.​

For broadcast television, I recently Produced and Directed a drama-doc for the Netflix / ZDF series Hitler's Circle of Evil: The Rise of Semitism.

I also Story Produced the episode Heroes and Villains for the same series.

My directing builds upon a strong backbone of industry experience as a film editor for more than a decade. I have edited countless documentaries and docu-dramas for broadcast in Britain and America as well as numerous short drama films.

A small sample of this editing background can be seen in the links below, along with a showreel on the editing webpage.

My most recent scripted drama is a science fiction short Game Day, starring Stephen McGann 

- known to many millions across the globe for his

role as Dr. Turner in​ 

Call the Midwife.

Other television projects include Edit Producing two episodes of the Discovery ID crime series Killer Clergy - exploring what drives supposedly devout men of God to commit the ultimate sin.

Previous to the above, I also directed these short films...

- A tense and haunting, character-led drama, Enemy Within - the trailer for this is viewable via the Enemy Within webpage. A private web-link to the full film is available upon request.

- A quirky feel-good short film, Smile - made for the Virgin Media Short Film competition, this achieved one of the highest viewing figures of the films on the site. This film is viewable in full by playing the video link below.

It's a dystopian tale from the future, following the story of Jeremy as he is called up by the totalitarian Government and forced to partake in a dark game.

More information can be seen on the official website for the film: gamedayfilm.co.uk

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