"Game Day" is a science-fiction short film, set in a future dystopia where social inequality and economic hardship has led to years of rioting and lawlessness.

For more information about the film, please visit: gamedayfilm.co.uk.‚Äč

To promote and pitch the film, we shot an infomercial from the future by the UK's Neo-Social Party - these are the people who invent the political revolution they hope will restore order to their world.

A drama series I am in the midst of developing mixes the thrill of action in a future world, with fascinating exploration of morality and dualities of people's characters. The protagonist follows a very admirable desire to improve people's lives, but her methods will seriously challenge the audience. It's an exciting concept which evolves through a series of intertwined characters, many of whom face awful decisions. That series is one which begs serious questions about when, or if, the ends can justify the means.

I am also developing another TV series, expanding the world of the "Game Day" short drama. This examines a totalitarian state imposing a radical policy, which has become normalised and effectively accepted by a population in fear of the Government's brutality and power. Here, a more conventional protagonist tries to battle the status quo, with results that prove to be extremely challenging.

I am particularly drawn to gritty, realist films - such as my most recent project, "Enemy Within" (written & directed by me). I'm fascinated by considerations of morality and the complex contradictions of people's characters and intentions - dualities that echo the realities of life.

One of my earlier short films, "Father Figure" (directed & co-written by me), considers the very dark issue of child abuse. It explores not so much the vile behaviour itself, but rather how effective the perpetrators can be at masking the truth of their character from even those close to them - a deceit which enables them to continue unhindered.

"Smile" is a quirky concept short film (written & directed by me). It was produced for Virgin Media Shorts and was very well received, attracting some of the highest audiences from visitors to the website.

Another light period drama piece I directed is "The Rivals" (written by Richard Brinsley Sheriden), which is a portion from the humorously convoluted play about chasing the person you want - and ending up with someone else entirely!

I, Chris Roberts, have both written and directed a number of dramas of different genres from populist feel-good films to darker, more challenging subject matters. My full CV is viewable here.

Selects from the films I've directed can be viewed here: Directing Showreel

Examples of my stills photography can also be viewed here: Photography Showreel

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My interests are much in line with the increasingly popular gritty styles and character realisms found in the likes of "Game of Thrones" and "The Leftovers". I'm very much drawn to the amoral or morally complex dramas such as "House of Cards", "Walking Dead" and the modern classics, "Breaking Bad" and "Battlestar Galactica" (2004-2008) - all of which were so very effective at questioning ethics within a fantastic thread of action and suspense.